Watergate Flood Solutions | Products
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The Flood Door Collection

The Flood Door Collection first and foremost provides reliable and passive flood protection for your home or business.


That means they operate 24/7 without human intervention. So if you’re affected by an unexpected flash flood or you’re away, your home will still be protected.


We offer a range of styles, colours, glass and fittings to help you create the perfect door for your property.


All our doors are manufactured and supplied to order here in the UK and fitted using our approved installer network, giving you complete peace of mind that your new composite flood door will be covered by our 5 year performance guarantee.


We offer comprehensive training for our installers, should it be required.

Composite Flood Door

The Watergate composite flood door has a fifteen point locking system that extends all the way down the lock side along the bottom and 600 mm on the hinge side. The outer frame and door sash are fully reinforced with steel. The sash consists of two 5mm glass reinforced plastic (GRP) panels that are filled with high impact foam. The door has an extended disabled access handle to enable easier action when locking the door. Bespoke designed gaskets ensure the doors are totally watertight and the product is covered by a ten year manufacturers’ warranty.

uPVC Flood Door

The Watergate pvc door has all of the same features of the composite but as well as its centre panel also has a double reinforced upvc panel as opposed to the GRP skinned panel.