Watergate Flood Solutions | About
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We are a UK research and development company with a full manufacturing facility, at which our specialist craftsmen assemble the highest quality products to meet the bespoke needs of our customers.


All our flood prevention doors carry BSI kitemarks which means they are vigorously independently tested at a BSI facility in Hertfordshire and our manufacturing plant is assessed for the quality of the production of the product which is continued on a regular basis, typically once or twice a year.


The doors are subjected to BSI testing as defined in BSI PAS 1188-1:2014 which represent typical conditions that might be experienced during a flood in the UK. This includes testing the product for leakage under static water levels of 600MM above aperture threshold levels, waves of up to 100mm high and parallel currents of up to 1.0m/s.


We are very proud of our industrial heritage here in the North East. We have a long tradition of engineering and we work very hard as a local business to contribute to the regional economy, through developing top class engineering skills. Applying this expertise  to the water industry, of which we have in-depth knowledge, has enabled us to produce a UK leading product.


In terms of environmental stewardship, we source our materials locally helping to lower our carbon footprint.